Memphis Makes Winter Joyful

Memphis Seasame Street Live - Mt Moriah Auto Sales

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Memphis is a fun place all year-round — the music, the vibe, the food, the people, Graceland, and the famous Beale Street. Things don’t slow down in winter. Several festivals and events liven things up all through the winter season.

Jingle Bell Run – Nov. 12

Get a bunch of runners together, dress them up in holiday costumes and jingle bells, make it for a good cause, and you’ve got one fun and festive fundraiser! The Jingle Bell Run is a 5K fun race / 1-mile walk that gets the holiday spirit going while raising funds for the Arthritis Foundation. (more…)

4 Ways to Protect Your Car from the Harsh Winter Weather

Car Window Memphis-  Mt Moriah Auto Sales of Memphis

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Winter driving not only comes with its own hazards but also takes its toll on your car. Snow, sleet, and frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on your trusty automobile. Preparing your car for winter makes for safer driving, protects the engine, and helps maintain the value of the vehicle.


How to Decide if You Should Buy a New Car Before the New Year

Dealership Sale - Mt Moriah Auto of Memphis

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Deciding to buy a new car is never a decision to be taken lightly, and it can be especially stressful at the end of the year. Although you have no doubt that a new car would be nice, your budget may be stretched thin after summer vacations and holiday gift-buying. If you’re struggling with questions of necessity, practicality, and affordability, here’s how to decide if you should buy a new car before the new year.


Mix Fun With Sense in the Chevy Malibu

2017 Chevrolet Malibu - Mt Moriah Auto Sales of  Memphis

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It’s not often you find a sedan that manages to combine stylish design, fun, and practicality and that does it well. If you’re searching for a car with a bit of pizzazz this year to drive around on the wonderful roads of Memphis, you’re in luck thanks to the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu.

Chevrolet has gone the extra mile with this car to give it the panache and style missing from other midsize vehicles. Here’s how the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu stands out from the crowd. (more…)

Best Cars to Get Your Teenage Driver

Blue Chevrolet Sonic - Mt Moriah Auto Sales of Memphis

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Buying your teenager their first car is an exciting yet daunting process. Most teens look forward to the freedom that comes with car ownership, but parents mostly want peace of mind. With safety features being a top requirement for cars made in the last 10 years, it’s much easier to find the best cars for a teenage driver. Among the top features parents look for in a car are safety, fuel economy, and price. Let’s take a look at three top-rated cars for teenagers, which all have an MSRP under $25,000.


6 Tips for Driving Your Car in Rainy Conditions in Memphis

Driving in Rain in Memphis

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It rains more often in Tennessee, Memphis, than many other places. If you live in this city or plan to drive through it, it’s important to know how to safely drive in the rain to prevent automotive accidents. From maintaining your vehicle to making smart decisions on the road, safe driving is critical here.

Turn Headlights On

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stay safe when driving in the rain is to simply turn your headlights on. It’s easy to forget to do so when it starts to downpour and you’re focused on driving carefully. However, if it is raining hard enough for you to turn on the windshield wipers, you must also turn on your headlights. It is a Tennessee safety law.


5 Most Stolen New Cars

Honda Accord - One of the most stolen cars

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Each year tens of thousands of vehicles are stolen in the United States. Despite the tireless innovation of car manufacturers and new police technology, automotive theft still happens. The risk is higher with older vehicles that lack increased security measures such as remote shut-off features. However, new cars continue to be stolen, too.

Some makes and models consistently make the list of the most stolen, regardless of model year. The list represents automobiles that are high in demand, prevalent, or lacking in security features. These models are consistently among the most stolen models as reported by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in their annual reports.


Diesel Range Rover Sport: Mixing Sport With Comfort

Diesel Range Rover Driving Through Memphis

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Tackle rugged terrain and frustrating traffic without breaking a sweat in Land Rover’s Diesel Range Rover Sport. A powerful engine uses diesel fuel, making it more efficient than traditional engines while offering some serious performance grit. In this driver-centric car, everything is designed to make driving easier and your comfort is paramount. But don’t worry, the passengers get lots of perks, too.


The Five Best Used Trucks Under $10k

Dodge Dakota - One of the Best Trucks Under 10K

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The best part about trucks is that most refuse to put on airs. Starting MSRPs are generally low compared to similarly-outfitted cars, and although trucks hold their value well, resellers never seem to charge a premium for the pleasure. Purchasing a used truck can be a rewarding experience; to get the most for your money, look out for these five excellent models you can snag for under five figures:

2006 Dodge Dakota SLT V8

Before Dodge’s mid-size truck went the way of the dodo, it provided a venerable in-between truck that had the rare privilege of boasting a V8 engine. The 4.7-liter engine option was good for 230 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Dodge gave the third gen Dakota a facelift in 2007, making ’05-’06 models cheaper by comparison.


The Four Best Memphis Family Outings for $20 or Less

Children's Museum in Memphis

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Memphis is becoming one of the top family-friendly destinations in Tennessee. There are a number of educational destinations that are just as much fun as they are learning opportunities. Each of the four spots we’ve listed also boast tickets under $20 per person, so you can avoid costly admission bills. Read on to find our top four kid-friendly attractions so you can start planning your next family outing today.

Children’s Museum of Memphis

This museum is a child’s paradise. Every exhibit encourages touching and interaction, so parents don’t have to stress about their kids keeping their hands to themselves. A theater area encourages imaginative play, complete with costumes and puppets, while other areas feature virtual simulation rides so kids can experience adventures with no chance of accidents.