5 Most Stolen New Cars

Honda Accord - One of the most stolen cars

Image via Flickr by Aero7MY

Each year tens of thousands of vehicles are stolen in the United States. Despite the tireless innovation of car manufacturers and new police technology, automotive theft still happens. The risk is higher with older vehicles that lack increased security measures such as remote shut-off features. However, new cars continue to be stolen, too.

Some makes and models consistently make the list of the most stolen, regardless of model year. The list represents automobiles that are high in demand, prevalent, or lacking in security features. These models are consistently among the most stolen models as reported by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in their annual reports.

1. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a popular mid-size car offered in different body styles, though usually seen as a 4-door sedan. It’s one of the best-selling cars in the United States. Its prevalence offers two opportunities to thieves: easier ability to blend in, and more Accords to steal.

2. Honda Civic

Although the Honda Civic is smaller than the Honda Accord, its compact size makes it perfect for those looking for a sporty and fuel-efficient model. The Civic’s popularity allowed for known security vulnerabilities to be exploited by thieves. Once they understand how to steal one, they can often steal others.

3. Ford Pickup

There are a variety of Ford pickup trucks available on the market. This makes it the NICB’s classification of “Ford pickup” a bit misleading, as it refers to several models. This, combined with the high-utility appeal, makes Ford pickup trucks targets.

4. Toyota Camry

Consistently one of the best-selling passenger cars in the United States, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe, the Toyota Camry is highly desirable and available. People want to drive Toyota Camrys, including thieves. Toyota Camrys are relatively affordable and versatile, which leads to more Camrys on the road to steal.

5. Dodge Caravan

Thieves love to take Dodge Caravans for a few reasons. First, this model has been in production since 1984, flooding roads with new and old models to choose from. It’s extremely popular among families who need to transport kids and travel long distances. These families may not always lock doors right away and often live in suburban areas thieves frequent.

This model’s also very roomy and can carry many passengers. Its side door slides, allowing it to be broken into differently than 4-door sedans. These factors, combined with the large number of Dodge Caravans to choose from, help the van make this list.

If you’re looking to purchase a new car, ask which security and anti-theft features are offered and how long they’ve been around. You want a combination of time-tested technology with a handful of innovations. Consider how much more likely your car is to be stolen if you pick an extremely popular model. Thieves will know how to gain access to these models more readily because they have been able to practice on similar vehicles.