6 Best Ways to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Getting speeding tickets is the bane of anyone’s existence. They are expensive and negatively affect your driving history — and were you even driving that fast? Let’s look at some ways to avoid a speeding ticket.

Just Don’t Speed


Image via Flickr by Ian Sane

This one is pretty obvious. Don’t speed. You are putting your life and other people’s lives in danger. If you have an accident and you are found to have been speeding, you can have serious charges brought against you. These could include intention to do grievous bodily harm and, in the worst case scenario where there has been a death, the charge of manslaughter.

Mobile Apps Are Your Friend

There are a variety of mobile apps that can assist you in detecting where traffic officers and speed traps are located. Waze is a popular navigational app that provides information on which routes to take, what speed you should be adhering to, and where speed traps are located.

Adhere to Speeding Limits


Image via Flickr by Chris Yarzab

Keep your eyes on all traffic signs you pass. Sticking to the limits shown until another limit is depicted is a practical way to avoid speeding tickets. If you are in doubt on the speed limit for a section of road, stick to the last limit you saw or to standard limits for freeways and one-lane roads. Suburbs and roads around schools usually have limits in the lower range.

When Someone Flashes You

It is a tradition that has been around almost as long as motor vehicles. All around the globe, if an oncoming car flashes their headlights and there isn’t another obvious reason, it means that there are traffic officers or speed traps ahead and you should slow down. Remember to pay it forward if you pass a speed trap or patrol car to keep the tradition alive.

The 10 Miles-Per-Hour Rule

Most speed traps give you a little leniency on the speed limit. Usually, going 1-10 mph over the speed limit won’t trigger the trap. Be careful, though. Some traps and officers are less lenient, so try to stick to only going over the limit by 5 mph.

Be Polite to the Ticketing Officer

This may not be obvious to some and harder to do than you expect due to the frustration of potentially receiving a ticket, but being polite is essential when talking to an officer. Greeting officers and referring to them by their title, “Officer,” will go a long way toward changing their mind on whether to ticket you or not. Be respectful, don’t interrupt them while they are talking, and answer all their questions. Be honest about why you were speeding and very apologetic. Don’t forget to ask the officer if they would at all allow you to get off with just a warning. You would be surprised at how often this little trick works. Using technology such as mobile apps, sticking to speed limits and the built-in leniency, and being polite to officers are sure ways to help you avoid those speeding tickets.