Car Care DIY: Vacuuming

Keeping your car clean with vacuuming tricks

Image via Flickr by dave_7

We drive our vehicles into the ground. After investing so much in buying them, it’s easy to forget to give them the ongoing care that keeps them feeling their best. Many drivers meticulously clean the outside of their cars, but how much attention do they pay to the inside? Proper vacuuming of a vehicle’s interior can make your car feel as comfortable and clean as they day you bought it.

Why Vacuum?

A dirty vehicle interior is more than just unappealing. All of that dirt, dust, debris, and more on the floor and seats of your car isn’t just an eyesore and maybe a bad smell. You’re breathing it in with every breath you take while driving. The air quality in you car could affect the health of both you and your passengers. The longer you wait to clean the interior of your car, the more the dirt and stains will become a permanent part of the upholstery. When they become irremovable elements of your interior, stains could potentially lower your car’s resale value. Not only that, but a clean carpet actually lasts longer. So for your health and your wallet, regular care is a must.

Tips for a Deep Vacuum

Vacuuming out a car is a bit different to running a vacuum over your bedroom. Before you even get started with the job, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. You might want to use: – a shop vacuum – an air compressor – brushes – plastic bags The vacuum you use inside your home may not do the job quite as well as something like a powerful shop vacuum. Shop vacuums are made to be taken outside and used for a rough job just like this one. If you have any access to an air compressor, go ahead and break it out. Compressors are useful for blowing out any debris in hard to reach places for the vacuum, like inside the seat tracks and underneath the seats. As you vacuum, keep a few brushes handy. Your vacuum may come with different brush attachments, or you might want to buy brushes especially for this task. Otherwise, a toothbrush with stiff bristles could be useful. Dirt and dust can get trapped into corners, like inside the doors or around the shift and handbrake. To get the most from your cleaning, you need to vacuum, brush, then vacuum again. You might also want to take out carpets and beat them to really get out the dirt. It’s useful to have a few bags ready for any larger debris or trash you come across. When vacuuming the seats, make sure to be especially thorough where the seat back meets the bottom. That’s where all the crumbs like to hide. Moving the seats will help you get right underneath them. Vacuuming your vehicle may not exactly be your dream weekend activity, but it will be worth it when you see how fresh and luxurious it feels inside. Happy cleaning!