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Always Drive in Style in the Porsche Cayman

Memphis, Tennessee, holds a plethora of history. It is home to Graceland, considered rock ‘n’ roll’s native land, and the breeding ground to some of the top music stars. Its rich and flashy history makes it a perfect place to enjoy the Porsche Cayman. The Cayman matches the glam, glitz, and history found in Tennessee.

Tips for Buying Your First New Car

When you’re looking to buy a new car in Memphis, Tennessee, you’ll find plenty of options around. If this is your first new car, you might feel overwhelmed by the task. However, when you keep these simple tips in mind, you can make sure you get the right vehicle to fit your lifestyle. Determine Your… Read more »

New Year New Car: 2018 Buying Guide

Whether you’re making a new addition to the family, got a new job with a longer commute, or just want a fun car because of an existential crisis, it’s time for a new car in 2018. However, first-time car buyers in Memphis might find that purchasing a vehicle isn’t as easy as they thought. Before… Read more »

3 FWD Cars That’ll Spice Up Your Commute

Compared to other Southern or Midwestern cities, Memphis has a relatively mild commute. However, traffic jams, stalled cars, and construction can add minutes and even an hour to your daily commute, so it’s best to have a front-wheel car that’ll spice up the journey. With plenty of power, tech specs, and agility, these cars are… Read more »

Mix Fun With Sense in the Chevy Malibu

It’s not often you find a sedan that manages to combine stylish design, fun, and practicality and that does it well. If you’re searching for a car with a bit of pizzazz this year to drive around on the wonderful roads of Memphis, you’re in luck thanks to the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu. Chevrolet has gone… Read more »

5 Most Stolen New Cars

Each year tens of thousands of vehicles are stolen in the United States. Despite the tireless innovation of car manufacturers and new police technology, automotive theft still happens. The risk is higher with older vehicles that lack increased security measures such as remote shut-off features. However, new cars continue to be stolen, too. Some makes… Read more »

Diesel Range Rover Sport: Mixing Sport With Comfort

Tackle rugged terrain and frustrating traffic without breaking a sweat in Land Rover’s Diesel Range Rover Sport. A powerful engine uses diesel fuel, making it more efficient than traditional engines while offering some serious performance grit. In this driver-centric car, everything is designed to make driving easier and your comfort is paramount. But don’t worry,… Read more »

Blast From the Past: ’65 Mustang Shelby GT350

Whether you were alive in 1965 or you just love a great car from any year, the ’65 Mustang Shelby GT350 is a beautiful powerhouse that deserves a closer look. Two production models were built: one for competing in races and one for driving on city streets. If you’re interested in buying a GT350, you… Read more »