Choose the Best Motor Oil for Your Memphis Car

When it comes to motor oil, you’ve got a lot of choices. Instead of risking putting the wrong oil in your vehicle, learn a few key facts about what appears on those labels. We know you love your car, so keep that Memphis car running beautifully.


An oil’s viscosity is how well it resists flowing. What you want is an oil that doesn’t thin out too much when it gets heated. Oil that’s too thin doesn’t have the same lubricating and sealing properties of thicker oil. So check out the viscosity ratings. You’ll see one for cold temperatures and one for hot. What you want is a higher second number, because that means it stays thick even when hot (like 20W-50 over 10W-30.)

Synthetic or Conventional

Choose the best motor oil for your memphis car - mt moriah

Image via Flickr by JeepersMedia

Choosing synthetic or conventional oil has a lot more to do with the car you drive than anything else. Some people claim that one is better than the other, but you need to know what kind of engine you’re feeding to make the right decision. Conventional oil is good for lighter cars and is typically standard in new cars. Make sure you change conventional oil at minimum twice a year, or every 4,000 miles. Synthetic oil works best in high-end sports cars. These cars have finely tuned engines with specific needs that only the additives in synthetic oils can cover. While synthetic oils are great for all engines, they’re very expensive and not generally necessary for regular cars. Blends work well in SUVs because they boost fuel economy. If you see an oil that says something about fuel economy on it, that’s probably a synthetic or a blend. These are good for people who want better oil but need a more affordable price, as they’re not as expensive as full synthetic oils are.

Oil for Higher Mileage

When your car hits 75,000 or more miles, it’s time to switch to the oil that’s formulated specifically for high-mileage vehicles. They have elements like seal conditioners that help the components of your engine work well despite their age. We know a lot of Memphis drivers have trucks and SUVs that have been on the road for a long time. If this is you, choose high-mileage oil.


When you’re trying to save on oil, pay attention to the additives. Oil manufacturers add lots of different things to motor oil. These additives cool and clean your engine and keep corrosion from happening. While they can be extremely helpful when it comes to maintaining what’s under the hood, you don’t need them, so if you’re trying to save money, pay attention to what’s in the oil you’re buying. Better to get additive-free oil that’s a little less expensive than to go with a lesser brand that won’t do your engine any favors. Caring for a car takes work and research, but many Memphis residents find the result rewarding. Motor oil is an easy thing to provide for your car, if you’re willing to do the research and buy the right one.