Diesel Range Rover Sport: Mixing Sport With Comfort

Diesel Range Rover Driving Through Memphis

Image via Flickr by landrovermena

Tackle rugged terrain and frustrating traffic without breaking a sweat in Land Rover’s Diesel Range Rover Sport. A powerful engine uses diesel fuel, making it more efficient than traditional engines while offering some serious performance grit. In this driver-centric car, everything is designed to make driving easier and your comfort is paramount. But don’t worry, the passengers get lots of perks, too.

Rugged Exterior Design

Whether you’re driving the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, or you’ve headed out of town for a weekend of off-roading, the Diesel Range Rover Sport can handle what you throw at it. Land Rover tested the Sport extensively at extreme temperatures and on difficult terrains to ensure its performance matches up with the dreams of each Range Rover driver. The body is lightweight aluminum and the SUV features Four Corner Electronic Air Suspension, which detects the terrain while you’re in off-roading mode and automatically changes the vehicle’s height. Plus, the vehicle’s silhouette is aerodynamic and dashing.

Attractive Interior Styling

Navigating traffic and plowing through rough terrain require the driver to be fully focused. That’s why the Diesel Range Rover Sport’s interior is designed to be completely driver-centric. Ergonomic controls put everything relevant at the driver’s fingertips, making selecting the music you want and switching between driving modes simple and easy. Passengers get a whopping 108 cubic feet of space, so nobody will complain about having to ride in back. The cargo area offers 28 cubic feet of space, which is perfect for all your camping gear. Or, put the back seats down to expand that cargo space to 62.2 cubic feet.

Impressive Technology

The standard technology in this Range Rover gives you comfort, entertainment, and safety. The Range Rover Audio System offers eight speakers. For navigation and music needs, use the 8-inch touchscreen and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. Intuitive Voice Control allows you to issue commands to the vehicle without lifting a finger. You get an air purifier which filters out pollen, and a smog sensor which recirculates the air in your car. The display offers Front Parking Aid and a Rearview Backup Camera. You’ll also love the Rear Park Distance Sensors.

Powerful Guts

A Range Rover is nothing without its engine, and the Diesel Sport model does not disappoint. The Td6 diesel engine gives you 510 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque. The Range Rover Sport hits that torque at ultra-low 1,750 rpm. The compression-ignition style engine gets the most out of efficient diesel fuel. Your combined gas mileage with diesel is 32 percent more efficient than the gasoline-powered Range Rover models. Expect to get 22 mpg city and 29 mpg highway in this beast. The LR-V8 Supercharged engine even competes with sports cars, doing 0-60 in just 5 seconds. If you love trucks, SUVs, or even sedans, try test driving a Range Rover Sport. From the moment your foot hits the gas you’ll feel the engine waiting for you to put it through its paces. This is a vehicle that loves showing off everything it’s got.