Don’t Buy Cheap Tires for Your Memphis Car

These days, almost everyone who drives a car is on a budget, and because tires are a huge expense for shoppers in Memphis, it can be hard to pass on manufacturers’ deals. Do you know the difference between Goodrich and Firestone? If you don’t, you’re not alone. But a set of top-quality tires can mean the difference between arriving safely at your destination or winding up in a ditch. Here are some reasons why you should never buy cheap tires for a car.

Quality Means Safety


Image via Flickr by ConnorLuddy

In a 2016 study by Consumer Reports, high-quality tires like Michelin provide better handling and superior grip than inferior brands. Your tires are the only part of your car that supports you on the road as you zip around town, and everything from noise and vibration to sloppy handling and traction issues is caused by low-priced tires. Blowouts in a highly trafficked area of Memphis can cause accidents, plus stress and frustration.

Comfort and Handling

With low-quality tires, you’re more likely to have pulling and wandering problems than you would with a good name-brand option. The transportation group TRIP ranked Memphis the worst Tennessee city for overall road conditions, putting a lot of stress on your vehicle. Budget tires just won’t cut it in places like Memphis. Saving $20 per tire sounds enticing, but you’ll have to live with constant tire vibration and pull for the next couple of years. Discount tires are going to transmit a lot more road feel into the car, and who wants to drive a car that rides like a wooden cart?

Average Tire Lifespan

Bad road conditions, such as those in Memphis, tear up poorly manufactured tires and may throw your car out of alignment, significantly reducing their life span. Most popular brand name tires are rated for 30,000 and 50,000 miles, so it makes extra sense for Memphis residents to spring for high-quality tires with high mileage ratings. Not only is a budget tire’s shortened lifespan an inconvenience, replacing tires every 20,000 miles adds up in the pocketbook. You’ll ultimately save money with premium tires, and you’ll definitely be safer.

Design and Engineering

Tires are the most important part of your car, too important to skimp on. The quality of the materials used to make your tires does matter. Quality tires are backed by hours of design, engineering, and rigorous road testing, none of which come cheap. Do your research, and find out what other people have to say about the performance of a specific brand, model, or tread pattern. Look at a variety of different tires at your tire store, and ask questions about their design and engineering. Your shopping trip will be less intimidating if you know what you’re looking for and have a budget in mind. Your car is only as good as the tires it rolls on, and your safety depends on those tires. When it comes to something as important as your safety, don’t pinch pennies the next time you shop for tires.