Summertime Road Trip Essentials

Summer’s here, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to take the Great American Road Trip! There’s nothing better than taking a trip with your friends and family and enjoying some stunning scenery along the way. However, you’ll need to make sure you pack everything you might need. Here is a handy checklist so you can be certain you’re all set for the perfect road trip.

A Spare Tire + Spare Keys

Summer road trip

Image via Flickr by simplyalex

A flat tire is a major setback on a trip, especially when you’re hundreds of miles away from your destination. Make sure you have a good spare tire along so you can get yourself back on the road in no time at all. It’s worth practicing changing a tire yourself so that if the worst happens, you won’t need to wait around for a mechanic to arrive and fix things for you. It’s also worth bringing along a spare set of keys in case you should lose your main set while you’re making a pit stop.

Bottle of Mouthwash

Out on the road, opportunities to give your teeth a good brush and floss are few and far between. To make sure your breath doesn’t get too much for your fellow passengers, bring along some mouthwash. It’s an easier way of keeping your mouth fresh than brushing, meaning you’ll feel a lot more comfortable than if you just didn’t bother at all. Breath strips are also a great pick to keep your breath smelling minty fresh.

Comfy Pillows and Blankets

A plain old car seat isn’t exactly the most comfortable place to rest your head. With a pillow and a blanket, though, you’ll be able to hit the hay in no time at all, especially when journeying through the night. Make sure to wear clothes and shoes that aren’t too tight, as these will get you hot and uncomfortable while you’re stuck inside a car. Opt for shoes that are easy to slip on and off so you can give your toes a little flex every now and then.

Walkie Talkies

If you’re going to be making your road trip in a convoy, you’ll need a way to communicate with each other. The great thing about walkie talkies compared to just using your cell phone is that if there’s more than one other car you need to talk to, it’s as simple as setting all your walkie talkies to the same frequency and then speaking into yours. You won’t have to get split up and waste time regrouping when you have one of these in your glove box.

Travel Sickness Medicine

Most of the time, traveling in a car is fine. But as anyone who’s experienced travel sickness will tell you, it can sometimes be a nightmare. You don’t want to feel sick and ruin the road trip experience, so make sure you bring along some travel sickness medicine just in case. Over-the-counter medicinal tablets work, but some people swear by all-natural remedies like ginger candies. Road trips are tons of fun, but make sure you pack everything you need!