What Every Car Enthusiast has on Their Bucket List

There are some amazing experiences in this world for the car enthusiast. Some are particular to the type of car, but some are meant to be experienced by anyone who is into cars. These four experiences are for anyone who has ever loved a car.

Driving on the Autobahn


Image via Flickr by D-15 Photography

James Bond move over, it’s your turn on the Autobahn.

The Autobahn is famous for being one of the only roads in the world with no speed limit. That is not true of the whole road anymore, but there are still large swaths where you can operate at whatever speed you choose. For most car enthusiasts, that means fast.

To take full advantage of the bucket list experience, rent a super-sports car and take to the road. Companies such as Motion Drive specialize in creating the ultimate Autobahn experience. They will rent you a Ferrari or Lamborghini, give you professional driving lessons, and then turn you loose on the unrestricted areas of the Autobahn.

Porsche Driving School

Have you ever wanted to be a race car driver? Or just drive a Porsche way too fast? Porsche driving school should be on your bucket list. There are four locations to choose from – Atlanta, Birmingham, Los Angeles, and Germany and you can get real race training at any of them.

The Porsche school believes in learning by doing. That means you will be sitting behind the wheel of a 911 on a real road course. Courses are offered from beginner to master level and the trainers at Porsche will even help you to get your racing license should you so choose.

Bonneville Salt Flats


Image via Flickr by A4gpa

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a 30,000-acre area of salt-encrusted land just west of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Famous for being the site of numerous land speed records, the Bonneville Salt Flats are a must-see for every car enthusiast.

Driving is allowed on a 12 mile long, five-mile-wide stretch of the flats, so if you are planning a trip, bring something fun to drive. Just make sure you also pack your sunscreen. Temps can reach 100 degrees in the summertime and the sun reflecting off the white salt causes even more sun damage to your skin.

North American International Auto Show 

Every January, the car world descends on Detroit, Michigan for the North American International Auto Show. Car manufacturers and designers bring their very best to unveil and show off at this 150,000 square foot convention of automotive genius.

Over 180 brands are represented at the show, and top executives and engineers speak on the newest technology in the car world. This drool-worthy car show will give you a whole new bucket list of cars you need to drive.

This bucket list is designed to be accomplished. These are all things you need to do before you die and these four things should be on any car enthusiasts bucket list.  Take a Lamborghini down the Autobahn, train as a race car driver in a Porsche, visit the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats, and drool at the offerings of the North American International Auto Show.